Open Office Suite 2018 CD for Home Student Professionals and Business


Open Office Suite 2018 CD for Home Student Professionals and Business, Compatible with Microsoft Office for Windows 10 8 7 powered by Apache OpenOfficeTM
Platform : Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows XP



  • Open Office Suite 2018 on CD Version 4.1.x. Compatible with most common office file formats. View, Edit, Save and Modify all your simple WORD & EXCEL documents. Can also export documents as PDF FILES.
  • EASY TO INSTALL and Use. Includes Computer Guide by ewholesaledirect, Learn all about your own computer. Open Office Software Manuals also included. Also included is my personal AMAZON DISCOUNT SECRETS and eBay Sellers Secrets guide!
  • INCLUDES SOFTWARE SUPPORT from ewholesaledirect. 20+ years of experience. This Program is great for ✓ STUDENTS ✓ PROFESSIONALS ✓ HOME ✓ WORK ✓ SCHOOL and ✓ UNIVERSITY users.
  • COMPATIBLE with most Microsoft Office ✓ Word, ✓ Excel and ✓ PowerPoint documents. Lots of EXTRAS INCLUDED. Not only does this CD have the best alternative to big brand office software, it’s jammed packed FULL OF USEFUL INFORMATION!
  • Runs on MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10, 8, 7, requires Java. **Some Microsoft files may not be fully compatible with Open Office due to advanced formatting incompatibilities** No subscription required, works 365 days a year! Retail box not included, CD comes in plain packaging. Licensed under LGPL v3.